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StarStruck by Sunny Leone is one of the top cosmetics branding company which provides you a certified cosmetics products & accessories available online at Sunny Leone in Canada website. We provide consumers with top quality products that exceed their future experience. There are various StarStruck products available at Laseebo, where you can purchase items in wholesale or retail.

Various Premium Cosmetics and Fragrance Distribution available here: We serve you with different types of cosmetics products by StarStruck which includes Lipkits, Anniversary addition, intense matte lipstick, stellar eyes, Liquid lip color, shimmer etc.

We are committed to the quality of cosmetic products which will inspire our consumers. Our team is fully dedicated to work and focused on results so that we will achieve our mission and vision successfully.

If you want to look good, at long last then you need to care about what products you use. Our products deliver high quality performance, will satisfy customer beauty and fashion needs. If you keep on with our branded products then you will never going to purchase others product again.

Sona Beauty Salon (Sona Salon) also serves you with StarStruck by Sunny Leone beauty products and in Punjab region~

Our Mission

To be a company which offers quality products to customers by understanding their needs, preferences and expectations, provides customers a wide variety of products quickly and safely through different distribution channels. Priorities the ethics, responsibilities and values.

Our Vision

To be an organization recognized by the standard of our beauty product and expanding our leading market position

Quality Standards

Our aim is to provide high quality standard products to our clients with proper following the terms and conditions in an effective and efficient way.


  • Best Price
  • New Products
  • Convenience
  • Offers and discounts
  • Fast delivery


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Introducing StarStruck in Canada

Introducing StarStruck in Canada